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We try to give you best value for the system, so, children will not be considered. Only adult members are considered in the subscription
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Yes definitely, You can extend and/or upgrade your subscription anytime. Just go to your settings page and select upgrade/extend. When upgrading, we charge only the difference of your upgrade and initial subscription. For example, you are subscribed to a $30 plan and wants to go to a $50 plan meanwhile you still have about 5 months of the $30 plan left: In this case we will only charge you ($50 - $30) * 5 = $100. Its is important to note that you cannot downgrade but if you must downgrade due
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To get sms credit,  Log in to your admin panel Navigate to Communications > sms Select "Request sms credit" at the top of the page and enter your credit amount. Proceed to purchase and we will credit your account once purchase is
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You can contact our sales team by simply sending us a ticket. Tickets have options to choose from.  If you have any issue that is not addressed by our documentation, feel free to contact us at any time. We are always ready to serve and will go out of our way to make you
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Is my data secure? Security is very important to us. We make sure that your data can only be accessed by your Church administrators and members provided you give them access. It is important to note that we do not directly have access to your church's information except by consent. What happens if I loose or accidentally delete my data? We advice that you be careful before deleting sensitive data. Nevertheless, you can contact us and we will help in restoring your data. How long do I need
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Your BCMS Identifier is a unique slug used to access your church's panel. It is gotten at the time when you sign up with BCMS. Ex:
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No!, You do not have to pay any extra fee for support. Once you are subscribed to any of our membership plans, you receive free life time
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Yes, we have a 30 days free trial that permit our users to see what they will be buying before deciding to pay a dime. You can sign up for a free trial
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